COVID Challenge

Together with two amazing colleagues, in the course of 2 weeks, we put together a competitive entrepreneurial hackathon calling on 221 Apprentice, Sixth Form and University students from 50+ global universities to come together to design solutions for COVID-19 induced social, economic and medical issues.
The competition was a great success with:
· 220+ Verified sign-ups;
· 85+ Different subject disciplines;
· 32 different tech-based projects;
· 7+ Educational Levels (from Lower Sixth to PhDs) and;
· 50+ Universities represented

COVID Challenge.jpg

Discord Finance Chat & Community

With a set of peers among past spring and summer interns, we created and grew a Finance Chat on the platform Discord. This is a server made for students pursuing a career in finance by students already on this path. It has since become a great platform for one to expand their network, share or ask for tips/resources and to gain updates on the financial markets in a relaxed environment with 370+ active members in the community. The server has evolved over time to feature an in-house training programme, community-led CV clinics and much more! The community is open to all and we're always happy to see new students or recent grads join to benefit from this network.

The society has grown continuously and now features:
· 370+ Verified members;
· 8+ Different sector groups (from AM to VC);
· 30+ different nationalities and;
· 7+ Educational Levels (from Lower Sixth to PhDs)


Leadership - Leading by Example

Research - Intensive

Project Management - Hands-On

Communication - All the time

Public Speaking - Passionate

Project Management - Hands-On

Management - Far Reaching

Analytical Skills - Uncanny

Business Development - At Pace

Time Management - 24/7

Teamwork - Always there

Work-Life Balance - Non Existent

Problem Solving - My Way of Life