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What I can help you with (Founders)?

Venture Capital Pitch Practice & Feedback

Startup Strategy Consulting

Ideation or Product Market Fit Consulting

Services for Businesses
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Founder @ UK F&B Startup

If you are looking for a consultant to help you effect some changes that will have a positive impact on your company. I believe Mark Kleyner is the person who can make a difference to your company


Founder @ UK Luxury Goods Startup

From our first contact, to the end of our work, Mark has displayed brilliant communication and brilliant results - I don't even have this level of delivery/comms from the blue-chip firms I've worked with


Partner @ UK  Services Firm

Mark is incredibly capable when it comes to performing complex analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data as well as having a rare talent for the formulation of corporate strategy


Founder @ US Non-Profit

Mark revolutionized the way that our organization supports startups in Africa within a couple of months. Mark is excellent at understanding ambiguous concepts at a high level, regardless of the subject matter, and drilling down into the details of how to make something work effectively and efficiently


Founder @ ZI PropTech Startup

Mark is a practical, collaborative and resourceful individual with a strong work ethic and an ability to wear multiple hats to overcome business challenges

Referrals from Executives I've worked with

Chien GS.jpg

Founder @ US  FinTech Firm

Mark has been reliable, resourceful and highly entrepreneurial in his time working with us. He helped us develop a new B2B2C pipeline, contributed to our rebranding and helped us prep for fundraising


Partner @ UK Asset Management Firm

Mark is a passionate and strong willed individual. He has shown that he will always look for the best solution and is doggedly persistent in finding inconsistencies and look for improvements that even our teams couldn't see. Would recommend!


Founder @ RW SaaS Startup

Mark is a reliable and highly communicative individual. He is flexible, well connected and entrepreneurial and has an impressive understanding of product-market fit in the African startup landscape


Founder @ US FinTech Startup

Working with Mark has been a pleasure. Mark is a highly driven, highly collaborative and surprisingly resourceful individual. His support in designing our pitch materials, modelling, and whole VC end-to-end was really helpful


Founder @ NG EdTech Startup

Mark is an experienced consultant and venture specialist with a network that spans many countries and experience to show for it. His advice on valuations and financial modelling has been very helpful and I enjoy working with him

What I can help you with

Venture Capital Career Coaching

Personal Branding to work with Startups/VCs

VC / PE Deal Sourcing  Coaching

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Why you might want to reach out?


  1. You are looking to start investing and want more understanding of the Angel or Early Investment Stage Space

  2. You are a Startup Investor who wants to understand more about Deal Sourcing

  3. You are or want to be a VC Scout or VC Fellow and want to learn how to find top deals ⁣

  4. You are or want to be a VC Analyst and want to learn how to make startup memos and how to ace interviews ⁣

  5. You are a founder and want to develop pitch analysis skills and want to upskill to see how VCs and Angel Investors think

  6. You are evaluating employment offers and want to strategize

  7. ⁣You are an emerging fund manager and want feedback on your deck and/or investment thesis ⁣

  8. You are a working professional who wants advice on moving into VC and want to discuss the pros and cons

  9. ⁣You are a working professional or advanced student and want to build a brand to be attractive to startups or VCs

  10. You want to entirely remake your profile to go from Entrepreneur/Operator/Academic/Other into being a future VC

How to engage services?

Email Me                                 I Mentor Via MentorCruise

Services for Individuals
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